Politic Motivations

As you can imagine while reading and contemplating what you read, we are talking about energy that represents value. It is considered a service that requires effort and demands time and attention, deserving retribution as that is the current function of any job in the world.

Every coin represents value, as it signifies an action, and this value should manifest in reality. Therefore, it is your duty to collaborate. Otherwise, it will be necessary to create a new parallel economy, much like Bitcoin, where energy is measured through computer data processing. In our case, however, it relies on human processors. It remains a simple numerical expression that "many people associate with value," and, as with Bitcoin or this application, it is purely digital, meaning it can only be expressed using energy (electricity).

People won't earn a Bitcoin, which could be excessive, as a single Bitcoin actually represents more than €20,000. But it could be something akin to it, allowing individuals to perform an action benefiting others each month and live life more comfortably. The energy expended by each person in using this solution should not be less than €10. The value of €1 can easily be offered as a "charitable donation" on the street by citizens who are not official representatives of the state or government but who pay taxes to ensure that situations like these are resolved. Therefore, the state and the government are already indebted, as these individuals, who have limited opportunities to secure their subsistence and quality of life, play a significant role in providing attention in exchange for a coin or a favor that this application aims to incentivize. It is part of civic duties that result in civic rights.

The obligation of your existence as a function in societies is to ensure that people are paid and secure. This condition allows you to earn more through the development of the country's economy and societies in general, which depend solely on education and science, the result of attention and the development of "emotion," which creates beneficial solutions for the rest of the population.

Firefighters, Police, and Hospitals

The community action service that necessitates your services relies solely on the local population. This service enables a citizen to transmit a real-time situation with GPS location via video, allowing you to analyze the issue and arrive prepared at the scene.

It's essential to remember that this citizen who provided public service deserves a numerical expression representing value.

Furthermore, your on-site interaction may also yield reciprocal outcomes, meaning a citizen can appreciate the social aspects of your performance.