Economic Motivations

Numerical Expressions Representing Value

Note: Whether we like it or not, money is a means to an end. Without money, the government and the majority of people in society do not care and show no interest in participating to improve the conditions of others, making them more 'resilient' and, in turn, equally free to choose something better for themselves. Moreover, we all try to quantify and qualify the properties of Being, associated with various behavioral characteristics.

Reference to Industrial Competition Points

For each approved action, the 'player' earns a point that represents an approved action in one of the various possible paths.

The first numerical expression representing value is associated with the 'player's' choice and action. For this reason, the point received by the 'player' represents a coin that can be used to exercise their freedom of choice (purchase).

Considering that the 'player' is an employee of a company, a copy of the point obtained by this employee is offered to the representing company, providing them with more prominence in the ranking area of the competition in question.